Artist Profile

A Fort Lauderdale Native, Kelcie McQuaid spent her formative years working with Art Institutions such as the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, Broward County Cultural Division, ArtServe, and Premier Exhibitions. She predominantly works in the medium of Acrylic Painting, but includes Ink Illustrations, and Photo Transfers in her mixed media works. McQuaid graduated from Broward College with an Associates in Marketing Administration. When she isn’t painting in her studio ‘Shangri-La Creations’, she continues to work in the field as a Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

Kelcie McQuaid exhibited over 200 works in 2015, debuting her first solo show “Universe Expanding” in February in Flagler Village. Her work has been featured in over 100 group shows, recognized in New Times, The Sun Sentinel and on the cover of PureHoney Magazine. She is currently focusing on building her public art presence, by creating new murals throughout Fort Lauderdale’s various growing art districts.

Kelcie McQuaid’s paintings are inspired by the balance of feminine energy, vulnerability, strength, and the woman’s struggle to find a place in society. She is largely influenced by relationships from past to present and how people and our relationships can evolve, dissolve or transcend. Her art strives to capture how perspectives change over time. As we grow and age, we see things in different context. With this in mind, she uses the layering of paint, ink and other media to express her personal growth and power. Each time she picks up a brush, McQuaid revisits the paintings as a stronger person and she passes her development on to her works. The results are ethereal, contemporary pieces that seem to have movement and light of their own.

For Art and Design related inquiries Please contact the artist directly:
Kelcie McQuaid


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